Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sonnet For Smith’s Bank, Roatan

In a world where our coral’s receding,
Where they lose tiny algae, essential
To their living and breathing and feeding,
We seem unaware of their potential.

For, the corals are home to so many
Of earth’s algae and fishes and creatures.
Where there used to be beauty aplenty,
Now huge patches of dead rock are featured.

But, Smith’s Bank is yet Paradise Jungle,
With huge staghorn, white tips of growth telling,
Far from land’s suffocation and bungle,
Rinsed and fed with Blue Ocean’s upwelling.

Oh, when will mankind ever learn not to be
Disrespectful of coral and life in the sea?

By Kathy Dole


Anonymous said...

What a nice sonnet.....Happy Early Anniversary!!
Tim and Danielle :)

fortner.2 said...

A beautiful and meaningful sonnet, Kathy. Ok to put it in the COSEE newsletter?
Rosanne Fortner