Friday, August 8, 2008

Tomorrow --Roatan!!!

Hi Everyone,

Our flights depart at 7:15 AM. You should plan to be at the airport by 5:15 AM! You must have your Pass Port to get your boarding pass. Please check in at the ticket counter and be sure your bag tag's final destination is RTB, Roatan.

We are allowed two checked bags at 50 pounds maximum. If your bag is close to 50 pounds I recommend weighing it on the bathroom scale and leaving a few extra pounds for retuning additional purchases and scale error.

All liquids & gels in your carry on must be less than 3 oz. size and all be in a one quart clear zip bag. You will need to remove the zip bag at security and place it in a gray bin to pass through the x-ray machine.

Liquids & Gels larger than 3 oz must go in a checked bag. (I strongly recommend putting any liquid containers into a strong zip bag before packing in your checked bag in case they get crushed and leak.)

Remember to attach the AKR green tags to all your bags, carry-on too. These will be used by the AKR Staff to collect your bags at the Roatan Airport and deliver them to your room. The red, green & yellow yarns in your pre-trip pack are also helpful identifiers -especially on the return trip in Atlanta. I will have extras if you need them -see me at the airport!

Divers --don't forget to pack those c-cards!

And if you were looking for a hurricane next week it seems you will likely be disappointed! The Caribbean and waters to the east are remarkably quiet for August! Roatan has been getting some showers so be sure you have some insect repellent and anti itch meds!

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