Sunday, August 10, 2008

Welcome To Roatan!

The COSEE GL Tropical Marine Ecology group arrived on time and ready to roll. We were greeted by the friendly staff of Anthony's Key Resort and took a ride over the mountain to the north side of Roatan, to the place we will call home for the next 8 days. The island is lush and tropical, filled with banana and coconut trees, and flowers of every color.

Once we arived at the resort we heard the orientation and headed to our rooms to wait for the luggage. We were amazed at the pile of bags that our group of 18 created on the dock. Many of the bags had to go over to the small key (one of the 65 keys that ring Roatan - they are low sandy, coral based formations) in a small boat.

Some of the group that got their luggage and snorkel equipment were able to take advantage of a pre-dinner snorkel off Bailey's key, home to the islands 19 Atlantic bottlenose dolphins. We snorkeled among turtle grass beds that had grunts, damselfish, wrasses, small parrotfish and different species of invertebrates.

After a delicious dinner, the group listened to a lecture on the Roatan Institute of Marine
Science, by Jennifer Keck. Then headed off to sleep. The first of many exciting days!

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